Skyler and Deia have some things they’d like to add to Midwest FurFlight that they hope you’ll enjoy

Skyler’s throwing a party!

Hi, I’m Skyler!

I’m throwing a pre-flight party at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport on the evening of Wednesday, November 29 – the night before we leave. 7 PM. Get your con started early and on the right foot!

If you plan on attending, please add a row to this spreadsheet.

RSVP for the party

To keep the party’s size manageable and on-theme, this invite list is limited to passengers on the Midwest FurFlight.

The hotel also has shuttle service to the airport, so if anyone cares to book a room and sleep overnight, we can all head over to the airport in the morning.

Book a room

Dakota, Axio, and Xander have also graciously offered crash space in their home just a short trip from the airport. If you're interested, get in touch with Dakota (@FurryDakota on Telegram) to see if they have any available.

The address of the hotel is 150 Anza Blvd Burlingame, CA. I’ll publish the room number to the Telegram chat when we check in.

Deia’s making luggage tags!

Hi, I’m Deia!

To commemorate the inaugural Midwest FurFlight, I’m making luggage tags. No charge—just sign up and I’ll bring your tag to the party!

If you’d like a tag, please fill out this form.

Request a tag

The deadline for signing up is November 13. Remember, you need a tag to get into the FurFlyer’s Club!

Photo credit: CC 2.0; modified.